What we do

We present to you our unique service on the expanses of Darknet — an instant replenishment of the bank card. Yes! You understood correctly. All you need is to pay for card replenishment with bitcoins and you get an amount multiplied by 10 within an hour. It's easy and simple! No more awkward and dangerous deliveries of cloned cards.

Who we are?

In short, we are a small unknown group of professional hackers, specializing in DDoS attacks on banks and government agencies, and we want to offer you our unusual service. You will like it :)

How we do it?

We have a very large worldwide database of cardholders, and we always have access to their balance. When ordering, we transfer the chosen amount from the owner's card to yours. Transfer lasts from a few minutes to 3 workdays, all depends on the issuing bank. If you wish, you can select an international transfer. It takes a little longer, but has a low risk due to the complexity of the possible search for a recipient in another country. We guarantee you success, if you do not receive money in 5 days, we will refill the card twice! We are tracking each transaction, do not try to mislead us otherwise you will be banned.

Why we do it?

You immediately had the question: Why not take all the money for yourself? What's the point?

Answer: this is extremely dangerous for us. It is much easier to send to others and get paid for it. Yes, it's less profitable, but we take almost no risks.

Safety Guide

Before buying, we want to caution you, please read it. In order to reduce risks, follow the instructions:

  • After payment go to the ATM and cash out the received amount. Do it as soon as possible!!!
  • Take care of anonymity, hide your face near the ATM.
  • You can refill the card again after 72 hours, the subsequent times are more risky (that's why we recommend purchasing one large replenishment instead of a few small ones)

Step 1 →

Select the amount of card replenishment

Step 2 →

Fill out the order forms

Step 3 →

Pay for replenishment

Final Step

Within an hour your card will be replenished

Price $100


Price $250


Price $400


Price $800


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